2021 Competition: TBA

Bloom is an international virtual startup competition for high school girls. Teams of 1-4 will develop a startup idea and learn how to create their business plan. This competition provides opportunities for participants to showcase their entrepreneurial skills. 



Bloom is open to high school girls (ages 13-18) internationally!



Bloom is a virtual tech startup competition where teams of 1-4 will develop and pitch their startup idea. Teams will create a business plan, slide deck, and pitch video.



Bloom is a VIRTUAL startup competition so everything is online!



Round 1 : TBA

Round 1 Judging: TBA

Round 2 (Live Pitches): TBA

Winners Announced: TBA

  • First Place

    • ​The first place winner(s) will receive $150.

  • Second Place

    • ​The second place winner(s) will receive $125.

  • Third Place

    • ​The third place winner(s) will receive $100.

Additional Prizes

  • Best Code

    • ​The best code or product design will receive $50.

  • Best UI Design

    • The best UI design will receive $50.

  • Best Business Potential

    • The most marketable product (best business plan) will receive $50.

***It is possible for a first, second, or third place winner to also win one of the additional prizes.



1. How does this virtual startup competition work?

Bloom is a virtual startup competition for girls where teams of 1-4 will develop a startup idea and develop a business plan. Within the time you are given, you must submit a new and unique project idea. Applicants then must create a maximum five minute pitch video to showcase their startup idea.


The video must address:

  • Names of participants, school, state, and project

  • Purpose (Problem, Mission Statement, Intended Audience): What is the problem? What is your product? Why was it created? Who was it made for?

  • Marketability (Business Model, Financial Projections, Technical Feasibility): Will people use your product, application, etc.?

  • Originality: How unique is your idea?

  • Competitor Analysis: How is your project different from similar products on the market? 

Participants must also submit a 5 page business plan including...

  • Executive Summary (Include Problem and Solution)

  • Company Description (Mission/Goal and Objective)

  • Products/Services (Key Features)

  • Market Analysis (Forecast, Competitors)

  • Strategy and Implementation (Business Model)

  • Finances (Predictions, Future Steps)

After submitting their pitch video, all of the pitch videos will be evaluated  by the organizers who will choose the top 8 teams. Then the top 8 teams will move onto the second round, the live pitches (more information will be sent directly to the top 8 teams) We will host a Zoom meeting with the judges for each team to pitch their startup idea again. To learn more about Bloom, read the rules and guidelines.

2. What are the rules?

The rules and guidelines can be found here: Bloom Online Startup Competition Rules.

3. Is coding a requirement?

No, coding is not a requirement! This is a tech startup competition, not a hackathon. Feel free to submit any tech startup idea preferably with some prototype (it can be code, a tech product, a CAD design, a website UI on Figma or Framer, or any visual mockup/drawing) and be ready to explain how it works.

4. Is there an example slideshow presentation and business plan I can look at?

Yes! Here is a link to a slide template we made for you: Bloom Startup Competition Slides Template. Here is a link to a business template we made for you: Bloom Startup Competition Business Plan Template. 


However, don't feel limited to use the templates. We love creativity! This is just a simple outline.

5. How will the first round presentations be judged?

Here is the link to the judging rubric for the first round: Bloom Startup Competition Judging Rubric (It will open once the competition begins to prevent working ahead)! 

6. Where do I submit?

7. When will results be announced?

Round One Results: TBA

Round Two Results (Winners): TBA


Please refer to our Timeline for more information.

****All announcements will be done through Slack and email.

8. Can I get my rubric back?

We are more than happy to return the rubrics with feedback to the teams interested. Please email us at bloomstartup2020@gmail.com if you would like to see it.

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