We are students who aspire to create a platform for high school girls to brainstorm, implement, and pitch their ideas. We created Bloom to empower young women and give them the tools they need to become the future generation's inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Be ready to listen to inspiring female speakers, attend captivating virtual seminars, and connect with girls around the world!

Proud Organizers of Bloom:



Hi I'm Anika! I’m passionate about using technology for social good. This has led me to compete in numerous hackathons and startup competitions prompting me to solve problems in fields relating to global health.



I’m Trishala, a high school student immersed in entrepreneurship and technology. With a strong interest in problem-solving, I’ve looked to my community to fuel my desire to help others and drive positive impact.



I'm Mihika, I am a highly motivated and analytical high school student. I have a specific interest in Entrepreneurship, STEM, and Innovation. I believe it is extremely important to think next level because innovation is endless.